VCR Conversion

Many people have video home movies of weddings, old holidays, school plays, sports etc but the problem is the day of the video tape is over. A typical video tape will only last about 20 years but will lose its quality after around 5 years; most manufacturers have stopped making video players, so the future is not good for your video movies.  


DVD's are of better sound and picture quality and last up to 100 years, the DVD player will be with us for some time, or if required the footage can be put on a USB if you supply one with enough memory for the data to be converted.

Rates: €15 per standard Video Tape plus DVD case and printed cover (€5 for extra copies), €10 if it’s to a USB if you have VCR’s with a small amount of footage that can all fit on a DVD it is also €15 per disk, €10 for a USB. Discount available if you have more than one video to copy, contact me for details. If the VCR is longer that 2 ½ hours then it has to be put onto two DVD’s this will cost €20.

By post: include a stamped self-addressed A4 bubble envelope and post your video and details to: James Byrne, Back Lane, Carrick Upper, Carrick, Co. Donegal.  Or if you are in the South West Donegal area I can arrange to meet you to collect them or call to the house, I can arrange pick up in most of Donegal contact me for details. Items are posted at your own risk.




A FUNGUS is wiping out precious memories held on the nation's video tapes, experts have warned. A highly contagious mould is attacking thousands of miles of home recordings on VHS and audio cassettes.

Chris Frear, of restoration firm Precious Voices in Scotland, said: "We used to get one or two cases a year, now 10 per cent of all the work sent to us is mouldy.

"But sadly, there is nothing we can do about it.”Experts say tapes should be kept in the dark away from direct heat in a cool cupboard or transferred to digital or DVD.