Virus Removal and PC Clean

Virus Removal and PC Clean

Is your PC running slow or infected with virus/malware or other problems?  Upgrade to Windows 10, rescue files from broken PD/Laptop and more..

Do you have a virus infected PC or Laptop, pesky pop up adverts, system running slow or are you locked out of your computer? Has your computer been hacked? Before you think of investing in a new system I can clear your system or viruses and malware, update all drives and software and make sure it is protected saving you €€€ on a new PC/Laptop with a 100% satisfaction rate from customers your PC/Laptop will be up and running almost like it was new! Upgrade to Windows 10 can also be done.


Fearing the worst and the system is beyond repair and you have got important data/photos etc on a hard drive on a broken PC or Laptop fear not providing the drive is not corrupted I can move the data to USB or another system, if it is not worth fixing I will let you know and as I don’t sell computers you will get an honest answer!


Got a new PC or Laptop? I can set up your new product with all the essential tools you need instead of the built in Anti-Virus software which cost you in the long run as there are plenty of free alternatives plus I will install free clean up tools and give advice etc. 


Very competitive rates that depend on the severity of the work to be done on the PC contact me at 086-9969256.

Is your PC showing this? Don't worry this is one of the many problems I can help with!

I'll get rid of those pesky pop up adverts!!


Would recommend anyone whose PC is running slow to use this service, laptop like brand new.

Thanks very much. - Angela O'Halloran


Done a brilliant job sorting out my old laptop, it's working like new now. If you’re having bother,

this is the spot to send it. – Gareth O’Donnell